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Driftwood Sires
You can now view 5 generation pedigrees and further information on the Driftwood Plantation sires by accessing the CRLC pedigrees linked with each bull. Feel free to watch this video tutorial on how to use the site efficiently.
  Red Belted Galloway Sires

12161R - View Pedigree

DOB: 09-10-07
Sire: Starlite Redman 5257R
Dam: Ridgeview's Red Rose 17678R
Semen: $25/Straw

• Long bodied, great disposition, sound feet & legs.  Deep red color.

≡ Black Belted Galloway Sires

  Driftwood sonic 21x
34628B - View Pedigree

DOB: 10/3/09
Sire: Highland Farm Otto 5997B
Dam: Southdown In Time 11P (AI)(ET) 22466B
Semen: Please inquire for availability and pricing.
owned with: B&J Cattle Company

• 2012 Reserve National Champion Bull




5997B - View Pedigree

DOB: 04-27-97
Sire: BUR-MER Boris 4643
Dam: Highland Farm Louise 9928
Semen: $25/Straw

• 1999 National Champion Bull
• Smooth muscled, deep bodied with extremely good feet and legs. Easy calver. "Otto" stamps his daughters with his distinctive look. They are excellent mothers and good milkers.

Belted Galloway Semen For Sale
If you have any questions about semen availability and pricing don't hesitate to give us a call at 843-928-3983!
Red Belted Galloway Bulls    
Driftwood Red Oak 18Y Reg. [USD] 34729-R View Pedigree
Driftwood Sangria 56S Reg. [USD] 11989-R View Pedigree
Starlite Redman Reg. [USD] 5257-R View Pedigree
Ridgeview Mario Reg. [USD] 8571-R View Pedigree
Ridgeview Miles Reg. [USD] 8575-R View Pedigree
Black Belted Galloway Bulls    
Driftwood Jackal Reg. [USD] 6969-B View Pedigree
Driftwood Kingsize Reg. [USD] 8095-B View Pedigree
Driftwood Low Country Reg. [USD] 8303-B View Pedigree
Driftwood Lullenden (AI) Reg. [USD] 8651-B View Pedigree
Driftwood Precision (AI) Reg. [USD] 10261-B View Pedigree
Driftwood Supreme 60S Reg. [USD] 11985-B View Pedigree
Driftwood Ultimate Reg. [USD] 11765-B View Pedigree
Driftwood Xerox (AI) Reg. [USD] 34627-B View Pedigree
Anderson Hill Usher (AI) Reg. [USD] 8493-B View Pedigree
E&H Joshua Reg. [USD] 10159-B View Pedigree
Ridgeview Nigel (AI) Reg. [USD] 9581-B View Pedigree
Sailn’ C Hans Christian (AI)(ET) Reg. [USD] 10015-B View Pedigree
Southdown Titan 1T (AI) Reg. [USD] 12117-B View Pedigree
Dun Belted Galloway Bulls    
Fearrington After Hours Reg. [USD] 116070-D View Pedigree
Overseas Belted Galloway Bulls  
Ashleigh Signature (AI) Reg. [Aus] 617 - Australia View Pedigree
Clanfignon Limelight Reg. [AUS] Z115872 - CF X14 - Australia View Pedigree
Du Rapide/Driftwood Jag Reg. [CAN] 1860B - Canadian View Pedigree
Thank you for your interest in Driftwood Plantation. Contact us about more Driftwood Semen availability, or if you have any questions.
Contact Keith & Pam Jones, owners
615 Pointing Brittany Lane • Awendaw, SC 29429
Phone: 843-200-2046 • Fax: 843-928-3984

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